Supporting People’s Choices

Our Mission

Forward House of London is committed to the lifelong personal growth and choices of each member through:

  • Supporting member independence
  • Enhancing member participation and involvement
  • Community engagement and advocacy
Committed to Lifelong Personal Growth and Choices

Identifies the key focus and primary objective of Forward House which is its commitment to pursue whatever is necessary and within its capacity to support the lifelong personal growth of each member and to support the choices they can and do make.

Each Member

Describes a key strategy of Forward House in working with each member as an individual by responding to and supporting his or her circumstances and aspirations.

Support Member Independence

Supporting each member to be as independent as possible in living their lives and in the choices, they make.


Enhancing Member Participation

Undertaking all efforts necessary to ensure that members realize their maximum potential to participate in and be involved in daily community life.


Community Engagement and Advocacy

To undertake active community engagement and advocacy initiatives that ensure that the Vision of the organization and the needs of members to be full participants in the community are being realized.

Our Principles

Each Person has the Potential to Grow, develop and contribute to his or her community.

Lifelong Commitment is the best basis to support and engage with each member, always recognizing that the member has the choice to make changes in the relationship, the services they receive and their involvement with the agency.

In supporting the Self-Advocacy needs and capacities of each member as one meant to ensure that members fully participate in the decisions that impact them.

Treating all people, individuals, family relations, employees, volunteers and the community, with Dignity, Respect and Compassion is vital in establishing positive and trust-based relationships that will then flourish through continuing dedication, love, tolerance and loyalty to the individual.

In providing services and programs that are Holistic in their Approach, flexible and adaptable in their application, confidential and use partnerships with other service providers, wherever possible, to access all the community’s resources in supporting members.


 Inclusion is a right of each individual within their community and that it must be supported financially by the social services network.


Value and Importance of Our Employees in realizing the Vision and Mission of the organization and in successfully supporting each member.


Being leaders in the service sector through the development of an Organizational Culture of Excellence. Fostering innovation, creativity, risk-taking and the participation of all stakeholders, along with ensuring best practices through ongoing evaluation and the effective management of change.


Being Accountable to members, their families, employees and the community for the programs and services offered, and in ensuring evident stewardship in the use of the resources made available to the organization.